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At Peters & Co we can help you if you think you had paid too much tax when:

  • you started a new job and had an emergency tax code for a while

  • your employer was using the wrong tax code

  • you were only employed for part of the year

  • you are a student who only worked at holiday times

  • you had more than one job at the same time

  • other income you have that is taxed through your tax code for example, savings/investment income

  • you stopped working and did not get any taxable earnings or benefits for the rest of the tax year

  • your circumstances changed – for example you changed from full to part-time working or became self-employed

  • you were made redundant

We can make a free assessment of your situation. If we think you have overpaid tax, we can apply to reclaim the overpaid tax from HMRC. Our fee is very competitive. We could agree a percentage or fixed fee. You have nothing to loose as you would pay nothing if no refund if obtained.

TEL: 020 8885 3344