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Peters & Co.
Imperial House
64 Willoughby Lane

N17 0SP

Tel: 020 8885 3344
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Whether Peters & Co is acting as your outsourced finance department, or helping you to change and revolutionise your business, we offer the following business optimisation services:

  • Strategic planning – conversion of your vision into key and achievable strategic objectives

  • Business planning, budgeting and cash flow management

  • Preparation of management accounts

  • Financial performance reviews and sensitivity analysis

  • Customer service training

  • Helping you to run structured board meetings at appropriate intervals

Our strength is that we can help you to get behind the numbers; to see where you can save money, to measure the effectiveness of your investments and to plan for the future. Whether you are just starting out, an established business looking for stability and growth, or even at the stage in your business life when you are looking at exit strategies, we help you make the right decisions based on sound financial information. We provide an end to end service, working alongside you, or you can call us in when you hit an issue or need advice.

TEL: 020 8885 3344